Augmented Reality Virtual Previews for Art Sellers

Nvzn ARt is an Augmented Reality platform that empowers shoppers to accurately and easily preview art on their own walls. Seeing is believing and believers convert to buyers.

This site was created to demonstrate the solution for art sellers like you to try it out for yourself.

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The Challenge

The art we display in our homes and other spaces reflects who we are and how we live. It’s a statement of personality and taste. 

At some point we've all shopped for art online. Inevitably, we muster our power of imagination to picture how it will look and fit in our home and all too often we lack the conviction to pull the trigger on an investment that we later regret not making.

The Solution

Nvzn has solved this problem with Nvzn ARt virtual previews. Now shoppers can see how a piece will fit in their space and how it will look with their decor. 

It’s a very powerful experience for a shopper to place an art piece on their wall, view different framing and size options that may be available, then view it in situ. An emotional response is elicited that drives the customer to purchase like no other.

Drive more sales

If you sell art, you’re not optimizing your sales opportunity if you’re not employing Nvzn ARt.

Add Nvzn ARt to your store to inspire your customers to shop with confidence.

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